I believe in
over content.

Your legacy won’t be your body of work. It will be how you made people feel.

My life recently blew up in my face.

Has that ever happened to you before? Unfortunately it’s happened to me a few times.

My parents divorce. Getting pregnant young. My own divorce. My mother’s death. My husband’s father’s death.

My daughter’s death.

(This page is already a bummer. I’m going to try and turn it around now.)

I changed my major three times in college. I had 40 jobs before the age of 40. I’ve had more hair colors than there are colors in the rainbow. I’ve rebranded by business COMPLETELY 6 times, including renaming it, and redesigned my own website at least 15.

My personal brand is….maybe confusing. Possibly inconsistent. But always 100% me.

Since the dawn of the internet, the one thing I’ve consistently done is build and captivate an audience. And the way I do it is with connection.

I am relatable. In all my error, my sarcasm, my glory or lack thereof, I am consistently telling you, the world, what’s going on with unabashed detail and a complete lack of shame.

Is that for everyone? No. No, probably not. Does the world need more of it? Yes, I think it does.

I believe:

  • we are a society of disconnected people, floating through space together but not really interacting.
  • we are ‘faking’ our authenticity by only revealing what we want people to see and ‘editing’ our lives to make a pretty show, or a pretty picture, or a slenderized version of the truth.
  • our stories are NOT WORTH BEING HEARD if they are not the whole truth.
  • our stories are NOT WORTH TELLING if they tell nothing about you or the people who are reading/hearing/seeing them.
  • as content creators, we have to stop creating blog posts and instagram updates and emails with information we want to show we know, but instead fill the world with what we have to give from our hearts.

I believe in connection over content.

I believe that connection is what creates relationships, which is what creates influence, which is the only thing that can move the needle and make a difference, regardless of WHY you’re trying to do that. (change the world, make someone laugh, fill your bank account, gain popularity, etc.)

I think “know, like and trust” is not helping us. I think “know, relate, understand and respect” is a better model.

We do not respect those we think aren’t telling us the whole truth.

I think I’ve figured out how to do that over anything else I’ve learned. To tell the truth, and be relatable. To build influence without overpowering. To celebrate the things I’ve helped create and stay out of the way when the stories being told don’t need my two cents.

If you are struggling to be heard, if you are speaking and no one is speaking back, if you are in need of building a community of people who relate to you, you are in the right place.

I can help you with that.